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Jinan, referred to as "Ji" for short, is also known as "Quancheng". It is the capital of Shandong Province, a sub-provincial city, and a central city on the southern wing of the Bohai Rim. It is also the political, cultural, educational, economic, transportation, and scientific and technological center of Shandong Province. The Chinese People's Liberation Army's northern theater military station, the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, and the core cities of the Jinan metropolitan area.


It connects the capital economic circle to the north, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle to the south, and the Shandong Peninsula to central China from east to west. It is an important meeting point on the Bohai Rim Economic Zone and the Beijing-Shanghai economic axis. It is one of the central cities in the Bohai Rim and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.


Jinan plays an important role in China in leading industries such as electronic information, transportation equipment, machinery manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, food and textiles. Jinan has a high-tech and information industry, and has been approved by the state as a "China's Famous Software City." Has 20 hectares of land, the largest ring-shaped building in Asia-Qilu Software Park, a national software base, "National Information and Communication International Innovation Park (CIIIC)", "National Software Export (Innovation) Base", "National Service Outsourcing Base The “National City” demonstration zone and other three “national font” signs have also settled in Qilu Software Park, and a group of electronic information R & D institutions such as “National Supercomputing Jinan Center” and “Jinan Quantum Technology Research Institute” have more than 1,200 domestic companies. Foreign IT R & D enterprises enter the park for development.


Jinan, as a spring city, is rich in tourism resources. It is an important part of the national historical and cultural city, China's outstanding tourist city, and the "one mountain, one water and one saint" in Shandong tourism. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists every year. Jinan's tourism culture highlights the characteristics of "Quancheng", with four major spring groups: Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Pearl Spring, and Wulongtan.

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